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"The Industry Attorney"
Founder of The Devenere Law Collective

Law Services with Flair

Working with Kashmire, "The Industry Attorney", you not only have an attorney, you have an advocate. She has broad and extensive experience in her practice areas and wants to ensure you will never be confused by complicated legal jargon or locked into a contract that doesn’t provide what you need. Attorney Terry not only represents, she does it in style!


Speaking Engagement for Women's Empowerment

"We all have art in us, the challenge for you is to discover how your art presents itself. The pleasure for me is to protect that art."

-Kashmire L. Terry, Esq.

Practice Areas

We are here to service your legal needs with stellar professionalism and discretion. In the early stages, we will help you develop and guard your dream. As we progress, we will build a long-term relationship and leave you with the confidence you need to know your business is secured by a legal professional who understands you.


We are here to be your liaison between you and your talent manager, record label, and any other professional that you come across in the industry. We are that one member on your team that will always have your best interests. We take care of clients in all areas, working in TV, Film, Music, and Radio. Some of our work includes negotiating production deals, distribution agreements, contracts, collection of royalty fees, and protecting intellectual property. Think of us as the secret behind your team. Don't sign that contract until you're confident in what you're agreeing to and you're getting the value your talent is worth.


We represent individuals and entities in business and commercial disputes. We have broad experience in negotiating, interpreting and drafting almost any type of business contract our clients need. We keep it simple, and want to make our clients know exactly what is happening with their matter. We believe in counseling our clients on how to do good business, and want to make sure they make good legal decisions on their own prior to calling us. Business will be second nature to you with our guidance. We are your support, whether you're a new business owner or just need someone to have your back!

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