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In House Counsel TIER


Welcome to The In House Counsel TIER Program!

This program is specifically designed with business owners like yourself in mind. Whether you are just starting your journey or already have a well-established business, The In House Counsel Tier Program is flexible for your needs. Often, businesses with legal troubles would be able to avoid additional headache if they would have taken a few preventive measures. The key is to limit liability before it ever occurs, which in turn protects not only your business, assets and profits, but also your business relationship with your client. By participating in the In House Counsel Tier Program you are able to concentrate on growing your business, while we protect you and your company from possible legal challenges. 

We offer three tiers: Consulting, Matter Management, and Pre-Litigation. Here are the highlights of the program: 

  • Draft, review, negotiate, and advise on a wide range of commercial contracts and complex business negotiations;

  • Letters of Intent and Demand in lieu of settling any Litigation matter;

  • In-depth Business Planning from General Corporate Governance and Business Formation to step by step planning of Business goals;

  • Recommend resolutions of litigation and employee relation matters including but not limited to employment contracts and benefits; and 

  • Identifies risks and propose alternative structures to mitigate hazards involved in potential transactions and contracts.

Having an attorney as In-House Counsel provides many benefits. Joining the program gives you: 

  • Collaboration: A In-house counsel attorney provides an efficient and balanced perspective for as business owner. Our goal is to provide you, the owner, with real-world pragmatic advice. You will have access to counsel from 9 a.m.- 9 p.m. (Monday – Friday) with weekend availability. 

  • Innovation:  Applying creativity to overcome obstacles and increasing effectiveness and efficiency through process and other forms of innovation. Receive on hand advisement for your particular industry. 

  • Integrity: We model and practice the highest ethical and professional standards.  We will take a demonstrating pride and personal interest in your business. You will have a full and honest relationship with counsel and your business.

    • Communication: Our tier offer program is designed to communicate issues to business teams/employees, raise salient issues, propose various strategies to limit risk, and help employees comply with the terms of the company. Thus, we provide a legal and risk perspective, guidance, and practical solutions. 

    • Protection:  Working as In-house counsel, allows the chance to know your business intimately and pro-actively protect your interest. Our mission is to limit future and current liability. Allowing the business to increase profit by eliminating problems in their infancy prior to litigation. 

    • Substantial Growth: In keeping your assets protected and business complaints down, the tier program will allow profit growth while also making the company attractive to future lenders, potential buyers, and investors. Every business gets an Annual on site visit by an Attorney meant to foster the relationship(s) with Client/Employees and continuous insight of Company needs. 


It is important to know that each level of the program is determined by the needs of your company and future perspective growth. For more information, please feel free to schedule a Business Analysis Meeting with our office.

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