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Meet Kashmire

Kashmire L. Terry is a vivacious, charming attorney with a sharp legal mind and a flair for business and entertainment law. She is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law, where she worked in the school’s Criminal Defense Clinic as a student attorney in the Harris County 178th Criminal District Court.


A native of California, Ms. Terry graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from California State University (CSULA). After receiving her degree, she clerked for the  San Bernardino County Public Defender’s Office in the Civil Commitment Department for Sexually Violent Crimes. She then went on to obtain her certification as a Paralegal from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Main Practice Areas: Business Formation and Governance, Entertainment, Criminal, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Business Litigation


Admitted: November, 2017


Professional Associations: Houston Young Lawyers Association, Houston Lawyers Association, Black Lawyer Student Association (Alumni)


Volunteer: Law School Mentor, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

In 2020, Ms. Terry became one of the youngest partners in Frye & Benavidez, PLLC, a small boutique firm in Houston, Texas. While working with Frye & Benavidez, PLLC she helped manage a diverse group of attorneys ranging in practice areas of oil & gas, business law, LGBTQ rights, and employment law. After being on both sides of the business, as an attorney and owner, Attorney Terry could no longer ignore her vision of building her own legacy. It was time for Devenere Law to open its doors! 


Devenere Law, the sophisticated, yet person centered law firm that gives you an upgraded experience came to Houston in 2022. The je ne sais quoi, the determination, the drive, and the vision sparked in Attorney Terry came from her years of experience working in the legal field.  As creator and Managing partner of the Devenere Law Collective, PLLC, it is Attorney Terry's mission to change the narrative of how law is practiced by providing an unrelenting standard of representation, impeccable quality in service, and genuine treatment to her clients.


With the true essence of California love, Attorney Terry has the perfect mix of southern hospitality and business flair that helped her enhance the dream job she envisioned for herself. Very few get to experience how it feels to live their dream. She adopted the moniker, "The Industry Attorney", and has become known for her passion, determination and motivation. When people hear about The Industry Attorney in Houston, Los Angeles and beyond, they know they are getting a quality partner who understands the many nuances of business and entertainment law. She is certainly the woman behind the names on the marquee.

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