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The Industry Attorney

Acquisitions & Dispositions


We have counseled clients of all shapes and sizes, in numerous markets and industries, on acquisitions, mergers and sale transactions; always with a focus on practical, results-oriented, and efficient assistance, while being responsive to our clients’ opportunities, challenges and needs.

Business Litigation


We represent individuals, fiduciaries, officers, directors, corporations, partnerships, partners, limited liability  companies, and other entities in business and commercial disputes.

Business Formation & Governance


We help you choose the appropriate type of entity to form and assist you with filings. We will work with you to prepare formation, governing, and dispute resolution documents, and we advise business clients, on corporate governance compliance and best practices.



We have broad and extensive experience in negotiating, interpreting and drafting almost any type of business contracts. We ensure that clients will never be confused by complicated legal jargon or lose out because they did not understand what was in the contract.

Business Law
  • Brand Representation

  • Influencer Representation

  • Artist Representation 

  • Contract Review 

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Development Representation

  • Production Company Representation 

  • Author Representation

  • Copyright Applications 

  • Trademark Applications 

  • Writers Guild Registrations 

  • Music Royalty Acquisition 

  • Songwriter Representation

Entertainment Law

Trademark Application

$2500 starting per trademark*


  • Comprehensive Trademark Search, including:

    • Federal Trademark Database 

    • Web Search

    • Social Media

    • Domains 

  • Assistance with Gathering the Required Specimens

  • Preparing and filing the Trademark Application 

  • Correspondence with Client 

  • Correspondence with Trademark Office

  • Serving as the Attorney of Record for your Application to Ensure smooth processing (approx. 8-12 months)

*Filing Expenses Not Included

Matter Management Representation

$10,000 initial retainer

  • Immersive Relationship in All Aspects of Company  

  • Identify proactive solutions that will eliminate or mitigate risks

  • Anticipate issues and estimate risks strategically

  • Formulate Team Structures and Identify Key Roles 

  • Communicate and negotiate with external parties (regulators, external counsel, public authority etc.), creating relations of trust

  • Analyze legal and business issues across departments and develop recommendations that meet the legal and business needs of the company

  • Respond to pre-litigation & dispute management matters

  • nterpret and Evaluate Company Structure and Governance 

  • Coordinate with the Company Directors and Project teams

  • Provide clarification on legal language or specifications to everyone in organization 

  • Research and evaluate different risk factors regarding business decisions and operations

  • Effective risk management techniques and offer proactive advise on possible legal issues

  • Develops company policy documents in response to changes in legal requirements

  • Advises business teams on day to day questions about legal obligations and commitments

  • Works closely with internal business teams on short and long term goals of Company to guide their implementation 

Includes: Contract Facilitation & Trademark Application Options

Contract Facilitation

$5,500 initial retainer

  • Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements

  • Company Operating Agreement and Policies 

  • Analyze potential business engagements 

  • Support legal projects and related assignments

    • Interpreting and Evaluating Business Offers

    • Drafting Independent Contractor Agreements

    • Negotiating contracts with customers and vendors

    • Formulate agreements that minimize risk and maximize legal rights 

  • Draft and review franchise agreements, development agreements, employment agreements, termination agreements, asset purchase agreements, promissory notes, security agreements, non-disclosure agreements, vendor agreements, confidentiality agreements, intellectual property licenses, and such other necessary agreements related to company

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